1. Safety of family: Family is important for everyone and that why we buy a house to keep them comfortable. But do you know there can be defects in houses that can cause health and safety risks to your family members? A loose safety railing or damaged building structure could convert your dream home into a fatal nightmare. An expert building inspector identifies these health and safety defects and protects your family from potentially fatal accidents.
  2. Protect your investment — Property is always the biggest investment for any family and if anything goes wrong with this investment, the future of the whole family sinks with it. Research shows that almost 100% of buildings have building defects where 1 in every 20 apartment buyer have to fork out above $50,000 to fix the building defects in their newly purchased property and 1 in every 20 house buyers have to spend above $20,000 to repair building defects in their new house*. A simple leakage in one bathroom can easily cost up to $15,000 to fix. So building inspection can protect you and your family from these financial pits.
  3. Illegal Modification: Building inspection can protect you from the nasty legal battle with administrative departments, councils, and other stakeholders. Many house owners carry out illegal modifications or extensions in their houses. First, a buyer pays extra for these appealing modification then fight costly and nasty legal battle with governing agencies to protect these illegal extensions. The homeowner has to either face heavy penalties or get an illegal extension demolished at their own expense.
  4. Negotiation Leverage: Building Inspection report contains all the defects and acts as a great negotiation tool. The buyer can negotiate the repair cost with the seller or alternatively ask the seller to get the building defects fixed. On the other, without a building inspection report, the buyer does not have any solid ground to negotiate with the seller.



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